A Promise to the Future

"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." —Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

Kids in Parks Reaching Out Essays & Testimonials
Art in the Parks

Kids in Parks

Studies underscore the importance of children spending quality time outdoors. The many youth-oriented programs of California State Parks pass along our conservation ethic and appreciation for the natural world.

Nature Deficit Disorder Junior Rangers Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights
Playing and Learning at Carpinteria State Beach Junior Lifeguards Special Status Animal Species Coloring Book

Playing and Learning at Carpinteria State Beach

Every kid needs time to play and time to learn and at Carpinteria State Beach they can do both! The Tomol Interpretive Play Area at Carpinteria State Beach creates a kid-friendly interpretation of a Chumash village. Dotted with native California plants, the play area was built as a collaborative effort between many organizations. Learn more about this unique environment. 

Tomol Play Area
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Reaching Out

From installing universally accessible sensory stations on trails to teaming with local recreation programs, California State Parks spreads its all-inclusive message.

PORTS: Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students Accessibility in Parks
The Outdoor Youth Connection (OYC) Grants and Local Parks

The Outdoor Youth Connection (OYC)

Teens strengthen their leadership and team-building skills in a park setting while camping under the stars, thus enabling them to pass on these skills to other community youth. Click here to learn more about this unique program.

OYC Calaveras
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Essays & Testimonials

Read about the importance of outdoor recreation and solitude as well as tributes to individual parks and their people.

Appreciating Parks

Appreciating Parks

Put into dollars and cents, one state parks supporter details the incredible gains we have made and continue to make from investments in parks. Read more.

John Werminski
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Art in the Parks

Children's projects, plein air painting, sculpting and crafts programs take advantage of spectacular parks scenery in an al fresco setting.

Make a Quilt and Make History! Pottery at Pond Farm
The Boggs Art Collection at Shasta

Pottery at Pond Farm

Marguerite Wildenhain, a master potter, immigrated to the United States and headed for the California redwoods to start a pottery studio. Pond Farm Pottery grew into a prestigious studio that produced beautiful pottery that is still around today. Learn more about Wildenhain's studio and her famous Pond Farm Art School Colony.

Pond Farm
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Wonder & Inspiration

Wonder at our state parks scenes — from dramatic surf to faraway treetops to battling elephant seals to endangered birds to insects scurrying along a grass blade. Click here to learn more about these treasures.

Adventure & Excitement


OHV roadWind down from the plethora of recreational adventures in our state parks with a serene night sleeping under the stars after a campfire program

Click here for more activities and interpretative programs in California State Parks

Vision & Dedication


Farsighted groups and partners join committed employees and generous volunteers to move each of our state parks from concept to reality.

Click here to discover the pioneers, founders, volunteers and staff of California State Parks

History & Heritage

Point Cabrillo
Irreplaceable cultural landmarks — from Native California Indian grinding rocks to forts and missions to mansions — are preserved for posterity in our state parks.

Click here to learn more about the treasures preserved and interpreted by California State Parks.

 California Forever

The story of California State Parks dramatically comes to life in "California Forever," a powerful and moving two-part television program composed of stunning cinematography and rare archival imagery. Click here to learn more about "California Forever."