Make a Quilt and Make History!


Calling all quilters! California State Parks will commemorate its 150th anniversary throughout 2014 with an online show of quilts created by quilters throughout the state to honor our state parks.

Please join our effort by signing up to make a California state-park-related quilt to include in our online quilt exhibit, which will be featured on this website. Your skills and talent will help us commemorate our anniversary creatively, by highlighting examples of artisan quilts for all to enjoy.

Inspired by a very active and creative quilting guild, the Quilters’ Sew-ciety of Redding, Inc., we encourage the creation of quilts — many quilts — in honor of the 150-year anniversary. The Redding quilters have already begun work on more than 60 quilts, each focused on a different state park. 

WHAT TO DO:  Create your own quilt inspired by a state park or parks. Sign up now by emailing with the word “quilt” in the subject line. Be sure to include your name, contact information with email address, and what aspect of California’s state parks you plan to quilt. For a complete list of California state parks, see the drop-down list at Upon completion of your quilt, submit a photograph of your work for inclusion in our online quilt exhibit.

WHEN TO DO IT: To be included in the online quilt exhibit submit your photo and other materials up to September 12, 2014.

QUILT SPECIFICATIONS:  The theme of the quilts is any aspect of California State Parks that inspires you. There are no restrictions as to quilting style, fabric, technique, size, etc.
UPON COMPLETION: Specifics about how to take and submit the photo will be provided when you email your interest. In general, you will submit a photo of your quilt, any quilt details you would like to share (such as title, quilter name, materials, and a few paragraphs about what inspired you) with a completed copyright release allowing us to exhibit the image of the quilt on our website. All participants who submit photos for the online quilt exhibit by September 12, 2014, will receive an official 150th-anniversary quilt label. 

News Flash! Live quilt show opportunity!

Have your park-inspired quilt shown in a truly historic setting! The Old Town of San Diego Historic Quilt Guild is inviting you to participate in their annual quilt walk. On July 19, 2014, Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (SHP) celebrates "Women of the West" and their contributions to settling California. Quilts will be hung inside seven different house museums for thousands of visitors to enjoy.

For information and to register for this exciting event, check the Old Town San Diego SHP website or contact Frances McMeeken at