Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers is one of California State Parks’ most popular programs. It is offered in over 70 state parks.
The program has two primary goals:

* Provide an opportunity for children to participate in fun, hands-on activities designed especially for them;
* Develop in children an appreciation for the cultural and natural resources preserved in state parks, an awareness of the interrelationship among those resources, and a desire to help protect them.

Junior Ranger activities cover a variety of topics, including animals, plants, history, weather, recycling and park careers. They are tailored to the local environment and the resources of the park where the program is held. Each activity provides a worthwhile experience that promotes further thought and action by the child, rather than just instruction.

The statewide Junior Ranger program officially began in 1973, after several years of trial programs. Former Junior Rangers are now bringing their own children and grandchildren to the programs. Some Junior Rangers have gone on to become California State Parks employees.

The Junior Ranger program, in inspiring children to become resource stewards, is truly a promise to the future of California and the world.

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