Quilt Gallery 51-75

Quilt 51
Quilter: Lynn Nance, Redding
Quilt Title: Topanga State Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 30"
Inspiration: Having grown up in Topanga Canyon, my sisters and girlfriends spent many, many days from sunrise to sunset, riding our horses in and around the park without a care in the world. While riding, we enjoyed the abundance of wildflowers, especially poppies, and lupines which were scattered throughout the landscape.
     In this landscape quilt, I used a collage technique using photo transfers onto fabric and a variety of batik fabrics. It is machine quilted and embellished with yarn and beads.

Quilt 52
Quilter: Mary Anne Melmoth, Redding
Quilt Title: Trinidad SB
Quilt Size: 20" x 30"
Inspiration: Since I was a child, I have been visiting Trinidad State Beach. It always seems to be a place where I feel as if I am alone and all I can hear is the thunderous roar of the ocean waves. Farther offshore many of the surf-battered rocks serve as resting places for seals and sea lions. My favorite part of this quilt is Pewetoll Island with the beautiful trees on top, and the domain of thousands of black oystercatchers. I have watched the trees grow in number from only one tree to several over my lifetime.
     I took photos of the beach and studied the rock formations. I used Stonehenge fabrics to represent the sky, beach, and rocks. The constructed waves were kindly given to me by a friend and are made of glue and water-stiffened cheesecloth. Trees were stitched on tulle and Solvy and then stitched onto the mountains in the background.

Quilt 53
Quilter: Debbi Borgwat, Redding
Quilt Title: Van Damme State Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 30"
Inspiration: My family owns a home near this park and for years I have enjoyed the trails and the beach. Although I no longer live in the area, I still return for visits. Van Damme is where I received my certification for scuba diving and where my Dad and I would launch for our abalone diving trips. I enjoyed bringing my son when he was young to the park and hope one day to share this park with my grandson. I wanted to capture those elements in my design; that of the trail, the ocean, and the abalone. I appliqued cotton fabrics using a raw edge finish.

Quilt 54
Quilter: Jo Ann Coleman, Shasta
Quilt Title: Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 30" 
Inspiration: Over the years I have visited the Weaverville Joss House and enjoy the serenity and ambiance that the temple provides. It is a peaceful place and I wanted to convey that with my quilt. I machine-pieced and hand-appliqued the quilt and used fabric paint to embellish it.

Quilt 55
Quilter: Joy Garvey, Bella Vista
Quilt Title: Wilder Ranch State Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 30"
Inspiration: I love the architecture of the Wilder Ranch horse barn with the Gambrel roof. It was built between 1892 and 1896 and has a very unique look. I mostly used fusible appliques of cotton fabrics. The quilt is machine-appliqued and machine-quilted.

Quilt 56
Quilter: Anne Palmer-Martin, Redding
Quilt Title: William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 30"
Inspiration: I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Red Bluff and always wanted to go to the Adobe each time I visited. I was very excited to make a quilt that depicts such a happy memory from my childhood. I also discovered that my great-great grandparents farmed near the Adobe. I included "Lucy," the donkey who lived at the park back in the 1980s and 1990s.
     I challenged myself to use what I had on hand. I only bought two pieces of fabric and thread to complete my quilt. I used fusible appliques and threadwork.

Quilt 57
Quilter: Patti Aberg, Redding
Quilt Title: California State Parks 150th Anniversary Poster
Quilt Size: 20" x 30:
Inspiration: I wanted to create a copy of the California State Parks 150th Anniversary logo in fabric. I used fusible appliques and reverse appliques with machine satin stitching, and machine quilting.
Quilt 58
Quilter: Lynn Mitchell
Quilt Title: The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Inspiration: The colors and contrasts found in this park get to me every time we are there. This park holds many fond memories for me with family and friends.

Quilt 59
Quilter Name: Lynda Mae Ferguson
Quilt Title: Terracotta Windows
Related State Park: Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park
Quilt Size: 50" x 50"
Inspiration: Inspired by picture-graphs at Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park in Kern County and the basket weaving skills of the "Kawaiisu" Native American tribe of this area. 100% cotton wall hanging or lap quilt.

Quilt 60
Quilter: Mary Hamilton
Quilt Title: "Honoring Michael G. Lynch"
Related State Park: Auburn State Recreation Area
Inspiration: I began my career with the Department of Parks and Recreation in 1993 at the Auburn State Recreation Area where I met State Park Ranger, Michael G. Lynch. Working with Michael gave me an opportunity to see his enthusiasm for history, nature and protecting the resources. An acknowledged historian and author of Rangers of California's State Parks, he has worked to preserve and to protect the natural resources, provide interpretation, outdoor education, and resource management, while insuring public safety. Michael's State Park Badge collection is impressive. Michael has been an inspiration to me and others and his enthusiasm for state park history has no bounds.

Quilt 61
Quilter Name:  Jan Chaney, President of the Friends of Ocotillo Wells
Quilt title: The Best of Ocotillo Wells
Related State Park: Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area
Inspiration: I made this quilt to let people know why I love Ocotillo Wells so much and am proud to be part of the celebration for the State Parks 150th Anniversary. The pictures help tell the story of the park from the park's cooperating association, the Friends of Ocotillo Wells, to the Pumpkin Patch, Gas Dome, beautiful desert sunsets, the interpretive staff showing off our animals, the riders launching themselves high in the air and to the park's logo. This is what makes Ocotillo Wells a special place for me to be a part of.

Quilt 62
Quilter: Betsy Main
Quilt Title: Antique Steam Train
Related State Park: Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
Inspiration: This project started from a class offered by The Sierra Quilt Guild, titled Picture Perfect Quilts taught by Teresa Seifert and Sue Sperling. My train is a steam train like the one at Railtown State Park in Jamestown, CA. Railtown is also noted for having the only round house for steam locomotives that has been in continuous operation for more than 100 years. I have enjoyed the train rides, park grounds, and museum at this wonderful state park. We are very happy to have such a great historic resource in our community.

Quilt 63
Quilter: Christine Rohn Hartman, Redding
Related State Park: Castle Crags State Park
Quilt Size: 20" x 24"
Having worked as a ranger, I chose to portray Castle Crags State Park by combining two photos- one of the park and another taken of me fly fishing. The Upper Sacramento River provides some of the best fly fishing in California. I wanted to convey the solitude and beauty of an autumn day spent fly fishing, and the feeling of being surrounded by wildlife, even when you can't always see them. This area is rich in a wide diversity of plants and animals. Ospreys that nest in the conifers can be seen flying overhead and diving into the river for fish. I've enjoyed such outings with the Mayflies, a women-oriented group of the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers. In addition to trying to create the craggy dimensional rocks, my challenge was to create the fishing gear, a fly rod, a net, a reel with fly line, a hurled leader, and a fly that I tied.  My signature pink fishing shirt signifies my being a participant, and later a volunteer in the Casting for Recovery program for breast cancer survivors.  What a joy this was to combine two hobbies of mine!

Quilt 64
Quilter: Barbara Dieges
Quilt Title: Poppy Revisited
Related State Park: Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve
Inspiration: Seeing the poppy fields abloom is an inspiring sight that is never forgotten. No wonder the Spaniards thought that this land was covered with gold when they saw the hills from their ships covered with poppies. This quilt looks into the depths of a single poppy blossom and enlarged to see all of its beauty. I used fabric of different colors and values to emphasize the sunlight reflected from the poppy petals.

Quilt 65
Quilter: Donna Barth
Quilt Title: Gold Panning in Columbia State Park
Related State Park: Columbia State Historic Park
Inspiration: The restored town of Columbia, a California State Park, represents the many facets of the gold rush period of California's history. It is always a fascinating place to visit, especially during the annual "Diggins." Throughout the year, visitors may experience life as it was for the inhabitants during the gold rush and may try their luck panning for gold and watch costumed docents reenacting that period in California history.

Quilt 66
Quilter: Karen Campbell Swift
Quilt Title: Asilomar's Rocky Beaches
Related State Park: Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds
Inspiration: One of my favorite quilt retreats is at Asilomar's Empty Spools. This quilt was inspired by a class taught by Kerby Smith on printing your photographs on fabric. The photographs were taken near the retreat at Asilomar State Beach. The beach was covered with kelp and sea shells as reflected in the quilt. The ocean and kelp are digitally printed on fabric, and then fused to cotton batiks. The quilt was machine quilted. Seashells and seaweed were added onto the kelp.

Quilt 67
Quilter: Linda George, Placerville
Quilt Title: Rim Fire
Related State Parks: Yosemite, spanning eastern portions of Tuolumne, Mariposa and Madera counties
Inspiration: Yosemite was the first land grant signed by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago on June 30th and became the first California State Park on Sept 28th when Governor Frederick Low accepted the grant. Yosemite is now a National Park.
I made this quilt because I was so moved by the pictures of the towering flames burning a park that I had visited many, many times as a youngster. Four of our local El Dorado County Pioneer firefighters were on a strike team for 14 days during this fire. I donated this and three other state-park related quilts to the fire district to raise much-needed funds for their volunteer firefighters association.
This is an original design. The flames and sky fabrics are hand painted, the trees are appliqued and the quilt is free-motion stitched.

Quilt 68
Quilter: Linda George, Placerville
Quilt Title: Midnight: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Inspiration: This park on the north coast in Del Norte County is very dark and damp and full of soft, lush mosses. The coastal fogs would slip in at night and my Mom would say that "the fog crept in on little cat feet." It was magical. My Mom and I slept in the station wagon and my Dad and brother were outside, but when it started to rain one night we were all in the wagon! It was very crowded and my parents slept sitting up in the front seat.
These trips were always under strict budgets, but that next morning my Dad said we deserved a restaurant breakfast. He said this because we were tired and cold, and the campers next to us were cooking bacon and flapjacks and hot coffee. We were going to have cold cereal. Not.
This is an original design. The stormy sky fabric is hand-painted, the trees are appliqued and the quilt is free-motion stitched.

Quilt 69
Quilter: Linda George, Placerville
Quilt Title: Calaveras Big Trees State Park, High Sierra Region, Calaveras County
Inspiration: When I was young my parents would haul my brother and I to State and National Parks in California every chance they got. Traveling in our station wagon, we had ice chest, sleeping bags, cold cereal, hiking boots, flashlights, and poison oak ointment. We would explore all day and write in our journals. I took many pictures with my brownie camera. I remember dancing on one of the huge redwood tree stumps and walking through the carved arches of another. We went to evening campfire meetings and listened to the Rangers tell tales of the park. And the smell was so fresh and clean. My favorite memory is twirling round and round as I looked up high into the treetops, getting dizzy and falling to the ground.
This is an original design. The background fabric is hand-painted, the trees are appliqued, and the quilt is freemotion stitched.

Quilt 70
Quilter: Linda George, Placerville
Quilt Title: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
Inspiration: growing up in Monterey was a gift of unlimited natural beauty. My parents made sure my brother, and I got our fill of everything available to see and learn from.
The first thing we did when we got to the beach was bury ourselves in the sand, and the fleas got us! After that, we hiked the trails to hidden coves, watched seagulls and the sea lions out on the rocks, and did lots of tide pool gazing.
This is one of the richest underwater habitats in the world, popular with divers. Migrating gray whales and thousands of seabirds make the reserve their home. The area used to be the home of a turn-of-the-century whaling and abalone industry.
We had many a fine picnic along the cliffs and in the tiny coves, protecting our food from diving seagulls, and trying to stay warm when the fog snuck in.
This is an original design: pieced, appliqued and free-motion stitched.

Quilt 71
Quilter: Sandy McGowan
Quilt Title: A Few of My Favorite Parks, California State Parks 150 Anniversary 2014
Related State Park: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
Inspiration: My husband, Glen, is a retired ranger. Our last 22 years was spent at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Our children grew up enjoying all that the parks had to offer. Now our grandchildren are seeing some of our favorite parks. Point Lobos is #1 with us, but there were too many spots we love that I couldn't decide on one for a block. They love seeing this quilt hanging on the living room wall and ask, "Which park will we see next?"

Quilt 72
Quilter: Ann L. Scott
Quilt Title: Above Lake Cuyamaca
Related State Park: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Quilt Size: 31.5" x 25"
Inspiration: Leland Fetzer, author and retired SDSU professor, is a member of my extended family. He has a passion for and has written extensively about Cuyamaca and the surrounding area. This art quilt is not only to commemorate the beautiful Lake Cuyamaca Rancho State Park but to honor Lee for sharing his knowledge and encouraging others to explore the region. I fussy cut the fabric to get a little Stonewall Peak. The quilt contains my own hand painted fabric, as well as commercial fabrics and is hand appliqued and machine stitched.

Quilt 73
Quilter: Susan Bianchi, Saratoga, from a photo by Curt Bianchi
Quilt Title: Along the Forest Trail
Related State Park: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Quilt Size: 15" x 21"
Inspiration: When walking through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, it's easy to miss the small things because you are constantly looking up at the trees. Fortunately, my husband looked down and found these Columbia Windflowers.

Quilt 74
Quilter: Jill Walker
Quilt Title: Redwood Reverie
Related State Parks: Navarro River Redwoods, Van Damme, Russian Gulch, and Mendocino Woodlands State Parks
Inspiration:  I was born and raised in the heart of redwood country in Mendocino County surrounded by these majestic trees. Although my ancestors were early California loggers, I never lost my appreciation and recognition of the ecological importance of these forest giants. Fortunately they have been safeguarded for future generations in California State Parks such as Navarro River Redwoods, Van Damme, Russian Gulch, and Mendocino Woodlands to name a few from my area.  As a new quilter, I have chosen the California redwoods as inspiration of my first art quilt.

Quilt 75
Quilter: Kathleen Erlich
Quilt Title: Gold Rush
Related State Park: Sutter's Fort State Historic Park
Inspiration: I chose a free-style pattern for this story quilt with fabrics to suggest building materials (barn wood, adobe and red brick) and fabrics used and worn by pioneers in the 1840's: men's pants with large wooden buttons and checkered shirts. Each block features a digital print on fabric: john Sutter, the fort, a commemorative postage stamp of the Gold Rush, and a covered wagon. Details of each photo are hand-quilted with copper and gold metallic thread. Seams are embroidered with beads and buttons. Miniature wagon wheels hang from chain, and a gold watch chain is mounted in the square with John Sutter.