Quilt Gallery 76-100

Quilt 76
Quilter: Nana Montgomery, Santa Cruz
Quilt Title: Mount Tamalpais/The Sleeping Lady
Related State Park: Mount Tamalpais State Park
Quilt size: 18” x 14-1/2”
Inspiration: My piece was inspired by the beauty and the majestic profile of Mount Tamalpais and also my family connection to the surrounding area. I spent time as a child visiting my grandparents who lived in Mill Valley near the base of the mountain and in more recent years I have enjoyed hikes in the Mount Tam wilderness area.

Quilt 77
Quilter: Pam Giffin-Brees, Fremont, CA
Quilt Title:  Monarch of All He Surveys
Related State Parks: Natural Bridges State Beach
Quilt size: 20” x 20”
Inspiration: The Monarch is my totem.  A button sculpture class started this project, and as it progressed, I realized it could represent one of my favorite places here in California. Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz not only has the sea, and the amazing rock formations, it has a grove where Monarchs come to overwinter. It is such a joy to see when they are clustered together, and open their wings to bask in the sunlight. (A former 2nd grade student of mine, now an adult, helped me hang the eucalyptus leaves to get them just right.) We are fortunate to have areas in California where the Monarchs come.

Quilt 78
Quilter:  Paula Beck
Quilt Title: California Gold
Related State Park: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
Inspiration: Spring has always been my favorite time of year with the arrival of the California poppies, inspiring me to make a quilt depicting the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Truly California gold...

Quilt 79
Quilter: Pam Giffin-Brees, Fremont, CA
Quilt Title: There’s Gold in those Hills
Related State Parks: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State
 Natural Reserve
Quilt size: 20” x 20”
Inspiration: One of the best things about California is our state flower, which pops up all over and in unexpected places every spring. Antelope Valley is a grand place to see it en masse, although most state parks have some somewhere! The enlarged poppy is a reproduction of a crate label from 1920.

Quilt 80
Quilter Name:  Gretchen Moreno
Quilt Title: Coast Mounted Assistance of Montana de Oro State Park
inspiration: When I saw this challenge for the 150th anniversary for the State Park System, and being a quilting fanatic, I knew I had to make this happen. Using a patrol saddle pad, a uniform shirt and a scarf with a map, I had some key elements to start this project. This group formed in 1979, and I have been a member for over 20 years. We are a state park volunteer organization helping the rangers by patrolling the 8500 acres of this magnificent park. We report on trail conditions, and do repairs. We also give information to visitors and perform other duties. The terrain of this park ranges from mountain peaks, to chaparral plains, to dunes and rocky bluffs, to miles of sandy beach. The wildflowers are stunning, and the elusive land and marine life is a sight-to-behold when spotted. The extensive miles of trails are a pleasure for a wide range of users. Especially rewarding are the breathtaking views, with Morro Rock gracing the coastline. I feel honored to be a part of this park like it is in my own back yard!

Quilt 81
Quilter: Kaelyn D. Leake
Quilt Title: Mission State Park Quilt
Related State Park: Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park
Inspiration: The California missions had a large impact on our state's history. The Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park tells a particularly interesting and difficult history. The Mission was flooded and rebuilt on higher ground, burned, the site of a murder, the site of the first autopsy in California, threatened by pirates, ransacked by the retired soldiers who were supposed to protect it, and finally damaged beyond repair in an earthquake. Though the majority of the original no longer stands, this quilt was designed using paper piecing from a picture of the half-size replica on the site today. The quilt contains about 250 pieces.

Quilt 82
Quilter: Pam Giffin-Brees, Fremont, CA
Quilt Title: Angel Island Early in the Day
Related State Park: Angel Island
Quilt size 20” x 20”
Inspiration: My daughter Amy Brees is the Superintendent of Angel Island. I go over on the ferry to see her early in the day…and this is my impression of how it looks. On the back of the canvas is a picture of her house… as she lives on the back of the island!

Quilt 83
Quilter: Michelle Howe, Irvine
Quilt Title: Harriett Weaver, 1st Female Park Ranger
Quilt Size: 30-1/2" X 41"
Inspiration: This quilt was made to honor Harriett “Petey” Weaver, who was California State Parks’ first female park ranger. She worked for 20 years for the park service from 1930 to 1950 and was assigned to Big Basin, Seacliff Beach, Richardson Grove and Big Sur State Parks. Her arrival in the ranger work force ended a 75-year tradition of male-only rangers. I painted her holding a raccoon because when she was a ranger she was given an orphan raccoon to raise named "Frosty." I guess he was quite the character, and in 1973 she wrote a children's book, "Frosty: a Raccoon to Remember" about her adventures with Frosty.
Quilt 84 front
Quilter names: Joyce Gaudet, Laura Hamilton, Virginia Szczepaniak, Charlotte Tefft, Katie Squire, Pat Parks, Nancy Lou McAllister, and Robin Joy Wellman, Fort Ross State Historic Park
Quilt Title:  Piece of Fort Ross
Quilt size: 48” x 48”
Related State Park:  Fort Ross State Historic Park
 Inspiration: Fort Ross State Historic Park is a story of diverse people and nature. We have included images of Native Alaskans, Kashaya, and Russian culture. The Sea Otter is the star of the show at Fort Ross and so she too is included, as well as the beautiful buildings and architecture of the fort compound. Our state wildflower, The California Poppy received its name, Eschscholtzia Californica, came from two Russian American Company employees who were on our coast collecting and naming plants and animals. Many firsts for California were here at Fort Ross, including the first windmill in California history. We are pleased to highlight bits and pieces of the story of Fort Ross as in this quilt

Quilt 85
Quilter: Clear Lake State Park Interpretive Association (CLSPIA)
Quilt Title: State Park Bear Paw
Quilt sizes:  wooden 8’ x 8’ and fabric 6’ x 6’
Related State Park: Clear Lake State Park
Inspiration: To celebrate the 150th anniversary of State Parks, CLSPIA decided to join the Lake County Quilt Trail project. The project was designed by Gerri Groody and Annette Higday and painted by the Quilt Trail committee. These wooden “quilts” are to be installed on barns and public buildings; ours is installed on the office building at the entrance to Clear Lake State Park. The CLSPIA board of directors then decided to create a fabric quilt of the same design, with Jane Alameda agreeing to sew it and Cindy Jo Quilting doing the quilting of it. Our sincere thanks goes to each of these wonderful artists!  (Note the curly-haired bear on the fabric version, done by batik fabric and clever quilting.) 

Quilt 86 
Quilter name: Jan Scrutton, Fremont
Quilt Title: So She Sows and Sews
Related State Park: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
Quilt size: 24” x 32”
Inspiration: I love the California Poppy and how it grows in so many places, from seafront state parks and roadsides to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Although I have visited the Mojave it wasn’t at the right time of year and I need to return one day to see the poppies in full bloom. In the meantime I will continue to sow my own seeds and sew poppies.

Quilt 87
Quilter: Denise Schmidt
Quilt title: Fall Color in Northern California
Related State Park: Auburn State Recreation Area
Quilt Size: 20" x 20"
Inspiration: California has some of the most beautiful state parks in the nation, and the diversity is simply amazing. Of all the seasons, fall has always been my favorite, when the leaves turn and the air is crisp. This art quilt was inspired by the fall colors encountered during a trip through the spectacular Auburn State Recreation Area. It was created by cutting many colors of fabrics into tiny (1/8 inch or smaller) bits, placing them in separate piles, and then sprinkling them onto the background, using them like paint to create the layers and leaves of the trees and bushes. Once the fabric bits are placed on the background, which includes the tree trunks and rocks (which are also fabric, shaded with paint) the piece is covered with tulle to hold the tiny pieces in place, and then quilted.

Quilt 88
Quilter: Debonne Holm, Calabasas from original photograph by Lynn Mochizuki, Calabasas
Quilt Title: Relic Ambulance at M.A.S.H. Site
Related State Park: Malibu Creek State Park
Quilt size: 27” x 22”
Inspiration: The TV series M.A.S.H was representative of the hardships of war and the humor people used to stay sane. This site celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2007 with several of the actors returning to the site. Reruns can still be seen on TV and people come to Malibu Creek State Park to visit the site. Construction: cotton fabrics, fusible applique and machine quilting.

Quilt 89
Quilter: Lynn Marie Lowe
Quilt Title: Wonder of the Redwoods
Related State Park: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Quilt size: 24" X 36"
Inspiration: This was my first attempt at a landscaping quilt, and it was inspired by 28 summers spent enjoying the redwoods, first with my husband, then my husband and children, and now with my husband, children and grandchildren. It is such a pleasure to be able to share one of the most spectacular of God’s Creations with the next generation! I am blessed that my adult children still plan their vacations with us at the Cabin in the Woods. I used 20 different fabrics and fused them to the sky blue background with a fusible webbing; I also used a little lace to overlay some of the areas to give some depth and shading.

Quilt 90
Quilter: Anonymous
Quilt Title:  Meder Farmhouse Restoration
Related State Park: Wilder Ranch State Park
Inspiration: In the late 1850s, Moses Meder built the farmhouse at what is now Wilder Ranch State Park. In 1912, Melvin Wilder extended the building with a 2-story addition. Time and age took its toll. This building is a vital link in the history of Wilder Ranch. Its loss would have left a gap. In 2000, there was bond money allotted for the building's restoration, and in 2002 and in 2005 a 2 1/2 year project began, a project I felt needed to be recorded in a way other than on paper.

Quilt 91
Quilter:  Marsha Burdick
Quilt Title:  Star of Bethlehem, or Not So Lone Star 
Related State Parks: La Purisima Mission State Historic Park, Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park, Sonoma State Historic Park, and San Juan Bautista State Historic Park
Quilt Size: 81" X 81"
Inspiration: The churches at the missions: I have always appreciated the religious art in the missions in California.

Quilt 92
Quilter: Lee Schulstad, San Francisco
Quilt Title: Hearst Castle
Related State Park: Hearst San Simeon State Historic Monument
Quilt size: 16-1/2” x 22-1/2”
Inspiration: Hearst Castle is a big favorite for my daughter and me. We visit there at least once a year. We love the remote setting and the fabulous art and architecture. My quilt is an abstract interpretation of the site.

Quilt 93
Quilter: Ruth Georgevits
Quilt Title: Christmas Eve Hike - Mt. Tam
Related State Park: Mount Tamalpais State Park
Inspiration: This quilt was designed from a picture taken on Mt. Tam's Steep Ravine Trail, Christmas Eve 2012. My husband and I moved to Marin in the fall of 2012 and our children were visiting for the first time from the East Coast. We have enjoyed many hikes on Mt. Tam since then. The quilt is hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Quilt 94
Quilter: Cuauhtamoc Q. Kish
Quilt Title: Prey (AKA: Pray)
Inspiration: The majesty of the many birds inhabiting the parks.


Quilt 95
Quilter: Cuauhtamoc Q. Kish
Quilt Title: Hoot
Inspiration: One of the many birds found in a natural park environment.

Quilt 96
Quilter: Maureen McNamee
Quilt Title: Awesome!
Related State Park: Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Inspiration: I have always been taken by trees of all shapes, sizes and conditions. When we visited Calaveras Big Trees State Park, I had no idea what we would be seeing. I was awestruck by the size of the trees and knew I wanted to capture them in a quilt or painting. This was my attempt at doing both. The attached photo is of small thread-painted photographs of Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The photos were taken on a visit to the park in 2011, printed on photo fabric and stitched with various colors of rayon thread.

Quilt 97
Quilter: Corky Kuhlman, maker, San Diego; Yuki Harding, quilter
Quilt Title: Yosemite Summer
Quilt size: three panels together measure 29" x 60"
Inspiration: Our First California Park, Yosemite, was my inspiration to create this art quilt. The three panels are a panorama of Yosemite. It is an original design using rough edge appliqué techniques, machine quilted, and then embellished with fiber art techniques.

Quilt 98
Quilter: Lyra W. Bobo, Santa Rosa
Quilt Title: Redwood Cathedral
Quilt size:  47” x 34 1/2”
Related State Park: Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
Inspiration: My quilt of "Armstrong Woods," titled “Redwood Cathedral,” chronicles the serene visual image that I found inspiring and spiritually lifting when walking through these incredible woods.

Quilt 99
Quilter: Lyra W. Bobo, Santa Rosa
Quilt Title: Mirror Lake, Yosemite 
Quilt size:  40 1/2” x 29”
Inspiration: Mirror Lakes in Yosemite compelled me to bring the vision I saw in my mind to life. The photo from which I worked became somewhat secondary to the image that took form in my mind. Sections of deep blue lace were used to create shadow and depth in this landscape.

Quilt 100
Quilter: Sherrie Gwyn Smith, Chula Vista
Quilt Title: Tamarack Beach at Carlsbad State Beach
Quilt size: 12.5" x 18.5"
Related State Park: Carlsbad State Beach