Quilt Gallery 126-156

Quilt 126
Quilters: Joan Allday, Judy Allhizer, Emilie Brown, Barbara Cleveland, Anita Fife, Bunny Firebaugh, Cathy Fitzpatrick, Candy Gutierrez, Joanne Padelford, Carolyn Rector, Jodi Smith, Marcia Smith-Bol, Josie Tanis and Shirley Wurtz. Quilters from Arnold, Angels Camp, Camp Connell, Murphys, Sonora and Vallecito. 
Quilt Title: Walking in Awe among Giants
Quilt Size: 92" x 60"
Related State Park: Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Inspiration: Calaveras Big Trees State Park inspired the “Walking in Awe among Giants” quilt, made by Independence Hall Quilters in Arnold, many of whom are park docents. The Discovery Tree dominates the left side of the quilt. Scenes of historical people and structures include: the discovery of Big Trees by hunter Augustus Dowd, visits by John Muir, the Sentinel Trees, Big Stump and Chip off the Old Block, charred snag of the Mother of the Forest, dance pavilion, Mammoth Grove Hotel, White House, Big Tree Lodge, and camels. Native American artifacts and colorful dogwood blossoms and leaves occur around the border.

Quilt 127
Quilter:  Roberta Lagomarsini
Quilt Title: Bodie
Related State Park: Bodie State Historic Park
Inspiration: Bodie is a historic gold mining town located in Mono County. This mining town was in production until the 1940s. What remains of the town is preserved as it was when the last residents left. The interiors are maintained, still furnished and stocked with goods.
     The Standard Mine and Stamp Mill are depicted in this quilt, as well as the street map of the remaining buildings. Those in black still stand, those in grey are sites or ruins. The sky is a topo map of the area. A little fall rabbit brush completes the scene.
      This quilt has foundation piecing, machine piecing, fused applique, hand and machine quilting, dyed and painted fabric and home machine quilting. The map quilt style is from a class by Valerie Goodwin.

Quilt 128
Quilter:  Georgia Randle
Quilt Title: The Chickens at Wilder Ranch
Related State Park: Wilder Ranch State Park
Inspiration: My inspiration is always the animals, as I am an animal lover. This is the second quilt I have donated to Wilder Ranch to raise money to feed the animals and make sure they get the medical needs they have.


Quilt 129
Quilter: Elizabeth Jane Weibert, Rocklin
Quilt Title: Mount Diablo Singed Again
Quilt Size: 9.75" x 9.5"
Related State Park:  Mount Diablo State Park
Inspiration: Lovely Mount Diablo was our home for 27 years. We moved in with the first fire in 1977 and now see the damage from the fire in 2013. Who can ever forget the two peaks nesting together, the majestic wildlife and beautiful foliage? Trails abundant to hike and grassy areas to picnic.  A landmark park in Contra Costa County and Northern California.

Quilt 130
Quilter: Anne Perez, Spring Valley
Quilt Title: Best Summer Memories
Quilt Size: 50" x 50"
Related State Park: Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Inspiration: Nearly every year our family would camp at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. This beautiful piece of nature is nestled in the northern forests of the Giant Redwood trees. After setting up our campsite my brothers and I were off climbing on the big stump, running along the fallen trees, swimming in the Stanislaus River, singing at the campfires, fishing at Mosquito Lake, and simply enjoying life. We went on day trips to discover the Historical Landmarks of the gold country or stroll down Main Street in Angels Camp.  This campground brings back the “Best Summer Memories!”

Quilt 131
Quilter: Susan Richards Fuller
Quilt Title: Mt. Diablo
Related State Park: Mount Diablo State Park
Inspiration: Mount Diablo looms over my back yard. The quilt shows how the stand-alone behemoth looks on a sunny summer day; the vegetation is gold, the sky is blue and the shadows are deep. I love how the mountain changes with the season, time of day and weather.

Quilt 132
Quilter: Mary Barry, Vacaville
Quilt Title: Springtime at Pigeon Point
Quilt Size: 24" x 24"
Related State Park: Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park
Inspiration: The beautiful lighthouse and all the lovely yellow wildflowers make a visit to Pigeon Point in the spring a special occasion for anyone. We like the whole area, where the rugged coastal cliffs sprayed by the waves are almost overshadowed by the elegant lighthouse.  Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a treasure inside and out.

Quilt 133
Quilter: Smitty Price
Quilt Title: A Mother’s Roots
Quilt Size: 37" x 52"
Inspiration: When I was growing up, every year we would go camping in the sequoias. When my mom died in May 2009, I found the poem “A Mother’s Roots,” which is an excerpt from Hope Edelman’s Book: Motherless Daughters, to be quite comforting, so I decided to make a quilt from it. Going back to my experiences as a child this poem seemed to really connect the link between my mom’s passing, me and the beautiful sequoias she loved so much.

Quilt 134
Quilter: Eileen Udovich
Quilt Title: Julia Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Quilt Size: 56" x 63"
Inspiration: I have hiked the trail to the overlook and found this park so beautiful I keep coming back. I only wish it were outside my back door.

Quilt 135
Quilter: Beverly Howell Gulley
Quilt Title: Discovering Mt. Diablo
Related State Park: Mount Diablo State Park
Inspiration: My husband and I lived in Concord for 20 years, and spent many happy hours wandering the fire roads and trails of Mt. Diablo State Park. Especially in the spring, I used to wonder what it must have been like for the First People who lived in the area. Trickling streams, hidden waterfalls, and an abundance of purple and orange wildflowers abound; rabbits and ground squirrels scamper away, and the oak trees provide sustenance to those who know how to prepare them.  I asked my friend David Williams to draw a pattern for me so that I could convey that sense of wonder in fabric (I can’t draw!)

Quilt 136
Quilter:  Ann Baldwin May
Quilt Title: Natural Bridges State Beach
Inspiration: As a California native and lover of our state parks, it would be difficult to choose a favorite park. I chose rather randomly the park closest to my house. The local newspaper ran a picture of Natural Bridges on an ad, which made it easy for me to visualize. Fabric layering technique, covered with tulle and free motion quilted.

Quilt 137
Quilter: Anne Keller
Quilt Title: Colors of the Anza-Borrego
Related State Park: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Inspiration: My quilt was inspired by the diversity of the flora, fauna, and the beautiful colors of the California desert. I started this quilt after my recent visit to Anza-Borrego State Park.

Quilt 138
Quilter: Lillie Maureen Peterson O’Reilly, Novato
Quilt Title: California State Parks 150th Anniversary Quilt of the 7 California State Parks in Marin County
Quilt Size: 86" x 116"
Related State Park: The Seven California State Parks in Marin County
Inspiration: My quilt depicts the seven California State Parks in Marin County: Olompali, Tomales Bay, China Camp, Samuel P. Taylor, Angel Island, Marconi Conference Center, and Mount Tamalpais. My inspiration comes from recreational, educational, and intellectual pursuits enjoyed at the state parks, some of which are: picnicking, hiking, cycling, swimming, camping and learning about the history of the state parks where I live. I was married at the Mountain Theater on Mount Tamalpais, so it has special meaning for me.

Quilt 139
Quilter: Penny S. Hanscom, Carmichael
Quilt Title: Northern California Coast
Quilt Size: 52" x 34"
Related State Park: Van Damme State Park
Inspiration: Have you ever stood on the edge of the continent looking out to the Pacific Ocean? The smallness of man and the largeness of the world is what I feel when I stand looking out. The mesmerizing sounds of the waves inhibit my being, and I sense an internal peacefulness. The Northern California Coast offers so many majestic sights to us, and in every shade of blue and green imaginable. The art quilt presented here is fused with each small piece of fabric sewn in place. It reminds me of the peace of mind I feel while standing on the edge of the continent on a warm, breezy day.

Quilt 140
Quilter: Iris Frank
Quilt Title: Sunrise at Seacliff
Related State Park: Seacliff State Beach
Quilt Size: 28" x 16"
Inspiration: An activity my late husband most enjoyed was frequently walking along Seacliff Beach. When we first moved to Santa Cruz, visitors were still allowed on the partial deck of the Cement Ship, which was closest to the wharf. Through the years, as the old ship continued to deteriorate, access was prohibited, but the ruins were and still are loved by locals, visitors, and a variety of sea life and birds. The ship creates a stunning silhouette looking east in the morning and west in the evening and the walk is wonderful be it sunny, foggy, or rainy. Therefore, my State Park quilt just had to be of the old Cement Ship at daybreak, my favorite part of the day.


Quilt 141
Quilter: Valerie Sauban, Pleasant Hill 
Quilt Title: View from Mt. Diablo
Related State Park: Mount Diablo State Park
Quilt Size: 88" x 88"
Inspiration: This quilt was inspired by my many hikes in Mt. Diablo State Park and it depicts all the plants and animals I encountered there. The center block is a picture of Mt. Diablo and an adjacent regional open space called Castle Rock Park. I hiked in the park with my son and my daughter rode in the park on her horse, which was stabled nearby. The horses are depicted in the first border around the center block.
Starting in the center top block of the outer border going clockwise are deer, California poppies with a dragonfly, red-tailed hawk with a Madrone tree, a rabbit with thistle, a coyote with a fox, a frog with cattails, a barn owl with a pine tree, a lizard with a wild flower called Indian Warrior, a skunk with a raccoon, a mouse with a wildflower called Fairy Lantern (indigenous only to Mt. Diablo and vicinity), a turkey vulture with Manzanita bush, a California ground squirrel with a wild flower called Shooting Star, a mountain lion and bobcat, a bat with wild flower called Monkey Flower, a Golden Eagle, and a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly with a wildflower called Indian Paint Brush. The quilting is of Valley Oak Tree leaves and acorns as well as our state flower, the California poppy.

Quilt 142
Quilter: Sue Redhead, Saratoga, Sierra Quilt Guild
Quilt Title: Riparian Brush Rabbit
Related State Park: Caswell Memorial State Park
Quilt Size: 4" x 6"
Inspiration: I believe strongly in wildlife conservation and protection of wildlife from human devastation of the environment. Caswell Memorial State Park near Ripon is the only California State Park (and one of very few places in the state) where the riparian brush rabbit, listed as endangered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the State of California, still lives. Reasons for decline in its numbers include loss of habitat due to human modification of rivers and riparian oak forests, disease, rodenticides, flooding, wildfire, and predation. Caswell Memorial State Park is playing its part in protecting this little cottontail.

Quilt 143
Quilter: Sue Garmston
Quilt Title: A Walk in the Woods
Quilt Size: 20" x 26"
Related State Park: Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Inspiration: My family has lived near Folsom Lake in the El Dorado Hills area for the past 25 years in three different homes. We have walked, biked, camped and boated all around the lake. Most recently we were able to explore the remains of Mormon Island when the lake was the lowest it has been in many years. The home we lived in the longest backed up to State Park property where we enjoyed a lovely view of the lake and the many deer that came to visit. 

Quilt 144
Quilter: Robin Hudson
Quilt Title: Magic of Jed Smith Redwoods
Related State Park: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Inspiration: We take our grandchildren to some place special each year and in 2011, it was Jed Smith with five grandchildren. The children had fun in the small river that flows by, but once they had been in the Stout Grove, the most magnificent part of Jed Smith, that was all they wanted to do. They ran the distance of fallen trees, explored the insides of older trees, disappeared in all directions, climbed up the outside of some welcoming trees, climbed on a tree that had fallen across the trail high up, and made a human chain around one of the largest trees.  It was magical!

Quilt 145
Quilter: Susan N. Campbell, Sierra Quilt Guild
Quilt Title: Only God Can Make a Tree
Quilt Size: 4" x 6"
Inspiration: This quilt represents two things I believe in: protecting our state and national parks, and God, who is the creator of all living things. I have long admired the artwork created during the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and chose to pay homage to the work of Stanley Thomas Clough by depicting his 1938 poster promoting the conservation of trees as a natural resource in my machine appliqued "postcard quilt." The quilt measures 4.5 x 6.5 and can be sent via the United States Postal Service with hand canceling for 70 cents.

Quilt 146
Quilter: Donna Brennan, El Dorado Hills
Quilt Title: Giants Among Us
Related State Parks: Sonoma Coast State Park, South Yuba River State Park, and Yosemite
Inspiration: These boulders we come across in California have such presence and personality. They are like alien species come to earth, that we should approach and introduce ourselves to! These beings can be found in (top to bottom) Sonoma Coast State Park near the mouth of the Russian River, on Independence Trail on Hwy. 49 in South Yuba River State Park, and in Yosemite (our first state park) near Yosemite Falls. This was a challenge piece to illustrate "gnarly" Northern California, and include some hidden animals.
Quilt 147
Quilter: Robin D. Hudson
Quilt Title: Gold! Coloma 1848
Quilt Size: 61" x 57"
Related State Park: Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
Inspiration: We took grandkids to Coloma (in costume) and we all enjoyed exploring this park of gold discovery. The grandkids were really impressed by the fact that this place marked the start of the California Gold Rush! The buildings reflect the periods of time 1840s through the early 1900s.

Quilt 148
Quilter: Susan Gibson Kelly
Quilt Title: Mount Tamalpais
Related State Park: Mount Tamalpais State Park
Inspiration: Although I have enjoyed many of California�s State Parks over the years, the one perhaps dearest to my heart is Mount Tamalpais State Park. When I was 12, my father moved our family from Sacramento to the Bay Area, and settled us in a home in Mill Valley, on a ridge top south of town, and directly facing �our mountain�. I never tired of watching the fog as it cascaded over the ridges, or the seasons come and go on the mountain. I no longer live there, but even any view Mt. Tam brightens my day. My grandmother Winnie, my first sewing teacher, visited Mt. Tam in 1912.

Quilt 149
Quilter: Robin D. Hudson
Quilt title: Yosemite Dreams   
Inspiration: We took our niece and nephew from N.Y. to Yosemite Park, and after a full day there in the valley they wanted to come back the next day also. The second day we took them up to Glacier Point and to a redwood grove. The beauty and spirituality of Yosemite greatly impacted them, as it does so many people.  Yosemite, while it is the second U.S. National Park, is, because it was the first State Park in the nation, dedicated by Abraham Lincoln, the FIRST space in the world set aside for the enjoyment and recreation of the people!

Quilt 150
Quilter: Sharon Dickerson, Folsom
Quilt title: Windy Day at Big Trees
Related State Park: Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Inspiration:  We planned a picnic at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, looking forward to seeing the Giant Sequoia Redwoods and variety of other trees. The day turned out to be quite exciting. While walking the North Grove Trail loop, we were hearing cracking and popping sounds all around us, and much to our surprise it turned out to be falling branches. This is a good lesson about staying on the marked paths. The frog sitting on the tree stump in the quilt is to celebrate the fact that Calaveras County is known as the Frog Jumping Capital of the World.

Quilt 151
Quilter name: G. Leko, Santa Clarita
Quilt Title: Lancaster Poppies
Quilt Size:  32” x 29”
Related State Park: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve
Inspiration: This is my interpretation of the beautiful poppy fields in the Lancaster state park area. I've always loved poppies, and this is a true delight to see. One can look right, left, up, down, and in between the other wildflowers, and see the beautiful, gentle yet impressive yellow-orange poppies everywhere. The wall hanging sized quilt is pieced with my original pattern, machine embroidered, photos printed on cotton, and machine quilted. Photos are by Karin Jeske.

Quilt 152
Quilter Name: Maya Madhavan, Livermore
Quilt Title: Yosemite National Park
Quilt Size: 36” x 24”
Inspiration: Yosemite National Park is one of my favourite places to visit. Each time I do, I wait to catch a glimpse of Half Dome. I've taken numerous photographs of Half Dome from about the same vantage point. I figured it was time it was made in fabric.

Quilt 153
Quilter Name: Maya Madhavan, Livermore
Quilt Title: Mount Diablo
Quilt Size: 36” x 24”
Related State Park: Mount Diablo State Park
Inspiration: When the rains finally turned Mount Diablo green earlier this year, it was a sight for sore eyes indeed.

Quilt 154
Quilter Name: Helen Jones, Lancaster
Quilt Title: Antelope Valley Indian Museum
Related State Park: Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park
Inspiration: This quilt is for the Antelope Valley Indian Museum. Shown on the quilt is a representation of the building that houses the museum. Also there are some Indian designs displayed. These designs were taken from some of the articles in the museum. The black design in the center of the quilt, superimposed over the picture of the museum, is from a basket and the designs in the border all around the center were taken from other painted items at the museum.

Quilt 155
Quilters Names: Mike Lynch and Beverly Solis, Placer County
Quilt Title: Yosemite State Park, 1864-1906
Quilt Size: 28” x 30”
Inspiration: As co-chair of the 150th Anniversary Committee, I was inspired to make this quilt to be a part of the wonderful response and energy that developed around the 150th Quilt Program. It was one of the most “self-generating” and popular program of the 150th Anniversary. As I have zero quilt experience or skills, I partnered with a longtime good friend Bev Solis and we did the quilt together. I also wanted to have my quilt tell the story that Yosemite Valley started as California State Park in 1864 and was returned to the Federal Government in 1906 to become part of Yosemite National Park, established in 1890.

Quilt 156
Quilter Name: Lori Wisheropp, Sacramento
Quilt Title: Below the Wood Duck
Quilt Size: 33" x 29"
Related State Park: Lake Oroville State Recreation Area
Inspiration: I relax on the shoreline, imagining what lies beneath the ducks floating on the water, while my husband imagines catching what's there with his fly rod.